AVS Student Chapters

The American Viola Society invites you to form a student chapter at your school or in your area.

What are the benefits?

1. Chapter receives $50 start- up money from the AVS.

2. Receive chapter funding from your university or college student organization fund.

3. Individual members receive all regular AVS benefits, which include:

• 2 printed copies annually of the Journal of the American Viola Society.
• Access to 1 on-line version of the Journal of the American Viola Society.
• Listing in the AVS membership directory.
• Information on annual international viola congresses.
• Information on state viola competitions.
• Information on the Primrose International Viola Competition.
• Participation in the world wide viola community.

4. Build strength and camaraderie in your viola studio.

5. Learn organizational and leadership skills essential to professional success.

6. Hold AVS voting rights.

How do I start a Chapter?

How to set up a student chapter:

1. Request a faculty sponsor, who is a member of the American Viola Society, to serve as an advisor for your chapter.

2. Hold an organizational meeting. Be sure that it is at a time that is convenient for the greatest number of students.

3. Sign out a room (if necessary) for the meeting.

4. Hang signs in all visible areas to advertise your meeting.

5. Invite area AVS members to come to your meeting and give advice based on their past experience.

6. Appoint or hold elections for President, President-elect, Secretary and Treasurer. Determine (in writing) the duties of each position. See AVS Chapter Formation Guidelines for help with this.

7. Get names, addresses, phone number and e-mail address of all in attendance.

8. Hand out AVS membership forms and collect dues. If you have 5 or more members you can join at the group rate. See AVS web site for membership form and dues.

9. Determine how you will raise money i.e. membership dues, money from school funds, fundraising etc.

10. Open a checking account.

11. Discuss desired events for the year.

Where can I get some event ideas

Right here.