The American Viola Society is a resource for violists throughout the world. With the AVS’s three-pronged approach for serving it’s members and the viola in general, the AVS website is a key resource in that endeavor. Here in the resource section you will find some of the offerings that focus on improving performance, education and the fraternal bond of violists.



One of the benefits of belonging to the AVS is access to its member and teacher directories. These are coming soon with new format and features. More here. From JAVS and JAVS Online to the AVS’s monthly E-News publication, the AVS is constantly providing the most current news and research to the viola world. Visit AVS Publications here.

Viola Bank

Viola Jobs

An ongoing project to put quality violas in the hands of deserving students. Inspired by Sandy Robbins. To learn more about the Viola bank, click here. Ready to enter the world of professional viola? Looking for a summer job at a music camp between school years? The AVS Viola Job board is the place to go. Click here to find jobs.